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2020 Photo Blog Post

If you read our ‘2020 Coffee Date’ post, this one basically going to expand on that, but only through photos. It’s like a picture book of our year. We’ll show you more from the coffee shops, restaurants and wineries we visited, the cute pups Kryn is fostering and of course more flowers, farm photos, coffee and wreaths! Enjoy 🙂

Winter 2020

From left to right: All the goodies from Fox in the Snow in German Village, Columbus…latte, iced New Orleans coffee, raspberry lemon danish and chocolate chip cookie and the wood grilled salmon and deviled eggs from Ghostwriter Public House in Johnstown, OH.

Spring 2020

From Left to Right and Top to Bottom: Our tulips popping up as well as after they made it through the flood, our first bloom of the season, tulip bouquets, our mother’s day bouquet made from flowers blooming at Kryn’s and Summer prep in the flower beds!

Summer 2020

From Left to Right and Top to Bottom: Little flower starts of our sunflowers, cosmos and purple amaranth, our few roses, favorite sunflower, other favorite sunflower, Autumn Rush Winery, some gorgeous zinnias and the perfect cosmo, our bouquets and a couple snapshots of our little farm…after the summer sunflowers had been harvested and cut down unfortunately (they were off to the left :))

Fall 2020

From Left to Right and Top to Bottom: A couple last flower bouquets, our first fall themed gift boxes, our first coffee orders bagged up for sale and packed for delivery, that random photo shoot we did to add some photos to our website, the cute pups Kryn is fostering (Chips & Salsa) and planting tulip bulbs in prep for Spring.

Holiday Season 2020

From Left to Right and Top to Bottom: Our wreath making setup, pine hoop wreaths, wreath delivery boxes, the grapevine and full wreaths we made along with the mini wreaths, the flavored coffee we ordered, the cutest mini bags of coffee and of course one of our favorite candles from cultivated candle company!

That’s a wrap, y’all! Happy New Year!!

Bloom where you are planted.

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