About Us

Our Story.

Hi y’all! We’re Kryn & Sara, the owners of Press & Bloom, and we’re thrilled you stopped by to visit! We’re just a couple dear friends who shared that all American dream of turning a passion into a living and decided to go on the adventure of entrepreneurship together!

We first met when joining the same corporate team back in 2011. Maybe it was the fact we both had long brown hair, were the same height, shared an extremely sarcastic humor or grew up in similar close by hometowns, but we became good friends pretty quickly once our introverted selves branched out and started making conversation with each other! Fast forward 7 years (can anyone actually tell us where time really goes?), we found ourselves working new corporate jobs at a different company and enjoying the daily conversations over instant messenger, but wanting more. Neither of us knew much about starting a business, but felt confident that with our skills combined we could grow something great together!


Then we had to decide what that something great would be. We dabbled in a few different areas based on our passions until we soon realized it was what brightens each morning before settling in behind our desks to begin the day: coffee and flowers. The taste of just brewed coffee, the smell of fresh cut flowers and most of all the way they can lift our mood and help us stop for just a moment to be fully present in the day. We want to share that feeling and by doing it through our business we can also help others which is another shared quality of ours – a strong desire to give back. You’ll find a purpose behind every purchase.

We’re still in the beginning stages so stick with us….it’s going to be good!

Bloom where you are planted