Holiday Hoop Wreath


Fresh Pine 18″ Holiday Hoop Wreath

Our 18″ holiday hoop wreaths are made of freshly cut pine. Each wreath is uniquely created just for you!

To ensure your wreath maintains its bright green leaves, we recommend you hang it outside of direct sunlight. If kept indoors, spritzing with water every few days will help your wreath maintain its fresh appearance even longer! If you decide to hang your wreath outdoors, you can spritz as needed.

Each wreath is uniquely curated and will vary from one another. Have a special request for your design? Send us an email and we will work together to create a wreath you love!

Please allow 3-5 business days to create your very own wreath. 

If you select Local Pickup at Checkout: 

Packages can be picked up at the farm in Alexandria. Once ordered, we will email you with pickup time & location details.

Thank you for shopping local and supporting our small business!

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