House Blend Coffee Ground


Enjoy our variety of House Blend Coffee sourced locally from Silver Bridge Coffee Roasters!

Cold Brew Blend

It’s hot outside. Give our cold brew blend a try! This blend was carefully selected and roasted to be brewed cold. It’s clean, bright and refreshing. Instructions for brewing are on the back of the bag.

Breakfast Blend

This smooth, mild blend produces a naturally sweet mellow cup of coffee and a great way to start your day. The delicious taste of a light roasted Central American coffee gives a lovely aroma and just the right jolt to wake you up and begin your day.

(614) Blend

(614) Blend offers a full bodied, bold and balanced cup of coffee from three different growing regions. It’s a rich blend of coffee to celebrate the rich blend of people in Columbus, Ohio. A fan favorite!

If you choose to pickup your order:

Packages can be picked up at the farm in Alexandria, OH. Once ordered, we will email you pickup time and location details.

Thank you for supporting your local small business!

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Cold Brew Blend, Breakfast Blend, 614 Blend


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